The Bodacious Story


While working for a large oil company, as an underappreciated  admin, I decided to start my own gift basket business, making  gourmet gift baskets at night and delivering them to customers  during my lunch hour. In the dark ages of the “Yellow Pages”, my  idea was to arrive at a name that would put my company near the  start of the alphabet with a catchy alliteration.  Thus, Bodacious  Baskets was born!

Networking like crazy, and moderately successful, I realized the  business was way too labor-intensive and time-sensitive (food  expiration dates) for me to be successful and happy for the long haul.  After several large quantity orders, I was a basket case!!



That’s when the Philadelphia Phillies stepped in. One morning their  procurement rep called and asked if my business was minority or  women owned. I had the good sense to get certified as both within 6  months of the company’s existence, and when also asked if I  provided advertising specialties (now popularly called SWAG) I  confidently answered “yes!” to both. 

Fast forward 2 years later we were out of the basket business and  totally immersed in the promotional products industry. We retained  the Bodacious part of the moniker which had become sustaining and  memorable and became Bodacious Promotions!

 We love working with clients big and small to market their products  and services with SWAG that gives their brands visibility, interest and  street cred. We help companies, organizations and individuals understand the power of a carefully chosen branded product that stays in the client’s hand. That amazing singular item that creates buzz” not only with word of mouth and remains on the recipient’s “tip of tongue”.

Let us put your BRAND in their HANDS

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